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UFC President Dana White doesn't trust reports out of Ireland that lightweight champion Conor McGregor professedly punched a swarm relate amid a bar fight. Be that as it may, if McGregor whited, today told columnists, things can be worked out.

"Can't be something to be thankful for Conor," White said amid a media lunch meeting Tuesday at UFC home office. "Yet, I'm certain it can be worked out, as well. Jake LaMotta's sibling beat the (swearword) out of a shrewd person, as well, and they made sense of it."

McGregor (21-3 MMA, 9-1 UFC) has stood out as truly newsworthy relentless lately and not for reasons relating to the octagon. Various reports guaranteed a renowned Irish games star one particularly naming McGregor got into a column Sunday night in a Dublin bar and punched a man in his 50s with claimed connections to sorted out wrongdoing.


[Must] UFC 218 Live Stream Watch Online
[Must] UFC 218 Live Stream Watch
[Must] UFC 218 Live Stream
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[Must] UFC 218