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    [Free] Thursday Night Football Live Stream is here. "It's been tended to," Reid said. "I adore the contend in the child. I value his hard working attitude and everything else. Be that as it may, as experts, that is not something we need to occur." Subsides was beaten first by the Redskins' Terrelle Pryor for a long touchdown in the opening minutes of the Chiefs' 29-20 triumph. He was beaten again by Ryan Grant halfway through the second from last quarter, and it was after his second slip by that he walked along the home sideline and reviled at the group.

    Watch here: Thursday Night Football Live Stream.

    "That is never a win, getting into it with fans, home or away," Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith said in the locker room Wednesday. "Also, tune in, it's a passionate diversion. We contribute a great deal. Marcus is the same, every one of us. Undoubtedly in case you're disappointed, obviously, likely not something to be thankful for — not a win there — to get into it with fans, particularly when you're baffled."

    Subsides, who seldom addresses columnists amid the week, was not in the locker room Wednesday. He said a lot after the diversion, however, telling correspondents before his locker that "I murdered my damn self" by surrendering the touchdown gets. He guaranteed that Pryor pushed off on the in the first place, "however that is the sport of football." And he eventually called his execution "hella powerless."
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