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    Team Name: MCK

    Contact Person : 081218502118

    Captain Garena ID: jambanbo
    Captain IGN: jambanbo
    Captain UID:

    Member1 Garena ID: cum1c1mu
    Member1 IGN: dajjaljr
    Member1 UID:

    Member2 Garena ID: bulubala
    Member2 IGN: balabulu
    Member2 UID:

    Member3 Garena ID: hujanboo
    Member3 IGN: cobaa
    Member3 UID:

    Member4 Garena ID: hujankecil
    Member4 IGN: latihan
    Member4 UID:

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID:
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN: TroopsFrog
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name: Forest Gaming eSport

    Contact Person: 081554364813

    Captain Garena ID: NovaUmbra
    Captain IGN: WinterStark`
    Captain UID: 85432200

    Member 1 Garena ID: remember_stalk
    Member 1 IGN: Don_Butcher
    Member 1 UID: 65542218

    Member 2 Garena ID: Kurocky777
    Member 2 IGN: Kurock777
    Member 2 UID: 66142021

    Member 3 Garena ID: Michael_Tan1
    Member 3 IGN: Largen
    Member 3 UID: 70992316

    Member 4 Garena ID: sylvia_agustin
    Member 4 IGN: Sylvi_kuN
    Member 4 UID: 87784693

    Reserved Member Garena ID: Loop
    Reserved Member IGN: bombardier12
    Reserved Member UID: 63765714

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name : Violent Attack
    Contact Person : 085750195589

    Captain ID : monyetmonyong
    Captain IGN : kiilLMee
    Captain UID : 87073509

    Member 1 ID : rendyar12
    Member 1 IGN : RDaR_
    Member 1 UID :

    Member 2 ID : locokunity
    Member 2 IGN : locok_unity
    Member 2 UID : 100548970

    Member 3 ID : rendybudu
    Member 3 IGN : Eminemx
    Member 3 UID : 83899964

    Member 4 ID : volc0om2
    Member 4 IGN : NiceShotter
    Member 4 UID : 98864691

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) ID :
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN : LupaNapas
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID : 90644438

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name:LadiezH0rny
    Contact Person :089660417363

    Captain Garena ID:rafid02
    Captain UID:

    Member1 Garena ID:kingAshura
    Member1 IGN:SempakSoex
    Member1 UID:151217786

    Member2 Garena ID:idiotfck
    Member2 IGN:Kick_HIM
    Member2 UID:

    Member3 Garena ID:
    Member3 IGN:
    Member3 UID:

    Member4 Garena ID:singdel007
    Member4 IGN:VIPYagami2nd
    Member4 UID:

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID:shidqi02
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN:ORANGSUNDA`
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name: Teratai Putih
    Contact Person : 087722707972

    Captain Garena ID: ANOXARION
    Captain UID: 62636028

    Member1 Garena ID: wtfminion
    Member1 IGN: scaryminion
    Member1 UID: 129586357

    Member2 Garena ID: jaykangenband
    Member2 IGN: kangenband
    Member2 UID: 66916000

    Member3 Garena ID:
    Member3 IGN: `suicideGirl
    Member3 UID: 77133352

    Member4 Garena ID: gomul1nd
    Member4 IGN: whiledast
    Member4 UID: 90157112

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID: imhoner2
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN: boomsalalala
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name:After i laugh
    Contac Number :087771702957

    Captain Garena ID:guardiance
    Captain IGN:Childaszz
    Captain UID:61504373

    Member1 Garena ID:Eldioz
    Member1 IGN:Eldioz
    Member1 UID:7778019

    Member2 Garena ID:viloel
    Member2 IGN:jeza
    Member2 UID:64521528

    Member3 Garena ID:Zhestic
    Member3 IGN:ARTitude
    Member3 UID:60108014

    Member4 Garena ID:skywingz5
    Member4 IGN:geNiocide
    Member4 UID:61529425

    Reserve Member(cadangan)Garena ID :kanastain
    Reserve Member(cadangan)IGN:kau_TOLDLOL
    Reserve Member(cadangan)UID:97029191

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Dec 2011


    Team Name: E†herna Party
    Contact Person : 089676466697

    Captain Garena ID: ANDYSVJ
    Captain IGN: Izayoi`Miku
    Captain UID: 70115988

    Member1 Garena ID: gracewer
    Member1 IGN: TraceXFire
    Member1 UID: 88707172

    Member2 Garena ID: volerreve
    Member2 IGN: VolerReve
    Member2 UID: 76133267

    Member3 Garena ID: mortyfox
    Member3 IGN: Mortyfox
    Member3 UID: 77984767

    Member4 Garena ID: hairulxfriends
    Member4 IGN: SkillFIRST_
    Member4 UID: 1087565515

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID: liuximeizi25
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN: liuximeizi25
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID: 94508544

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name: Sukabumi Bersatu
    Contact Person : 085846801900

    Captain Garena ID: tylooo
    Captain IGN: tylooo
    Captain UID: 73445902

    Member1 Garena ID: lohkomatee
    Member1 IGN: lokomatee
    Member1 UID: 62867895

    Member2 Garena ID: kausar
    Member2 IGN: imthesuport
    Member2 UID: 63014040

    Member3 Garena ID: sabuner
    Member3 IGN: efm`_
    Member3 UID: 127384467

    Member4 Garena ID: tenzmatthew
    Member4 IGN: TenzDee
    Member4 UID: 66200205

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID: faisal_ismaya
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN: `godheroes
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID: 79033610

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name: NAZWAFRA
    Contact Person :0822164389700

    Captain Garena ID:nafimperial
    Captain IGN:Naf`Imperial
    Captain UID:146507890

    Member1 Garena ID:sijihat1
    Member1 IGN:STRUGGLE
    Member1 UID:107378945

    Member2 Garena ID:mrbuttslap
    Member2 IGN:MrButtSlap
    Member2 UID:157528664

    Member3 Garena ID:antihana2
    Member3 UID:161316709

    Member4 Garena ID:Mufflers1993
    Member4 IGN:LADYZHOU
    Member4 UID:83702992

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID:cicilalangoy
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN: DnD``
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:88525939

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name:REDz KOMUNIKA II
    Contact Person :081363046045

    Captain Garena ID: premanhon
    Captain IGN:NUKLIR
    Captain UID:75367603

    Member1 Garena ID:whiskiee
    Member1 IGN:Carlitoz`
    Member1 UID:69397722

    Member2 Garena ID:bennybatak03
    Member2 IGN:BrianStanley
    Member2 UID:81158637

    Member3 Garena ID:ILISHA01
    Member3 IGN:ILISHA
    Member3 UID:161628418

    Member4 Garena ID: blackdrake03
    Member4 IGN: KAREBET
    Member4 UID:64704613


    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name: Bnet YOWMAN

    Contact Person : 088218644521

    Captain Garena ID: zulhamsyah13
    Captain IGN: Wak`utet
    Captain UID: 74264082

    Member1 Garena ID: cheetossvc
    Member1 IGN: `babyohbaby
    Member1 UID: 146233428

    Member2 Garena ID:bagusiq5
    Member2 IGN: ulanlaura
    Member2 UID: 115649957

    Member3 Garena ID: donttt
    Member3 IGN: bekuk
    Member3 UID: 76417645

    Member4 Garena ID: mynameizkudo
    Member4 IGN: `shinkudo
    Member4 UID: 61438378

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID: Kinaohime1
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN: mrs`kinao
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID: 79823114

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name:Bela.Net
    Contact Person :085722875947

    Captain Garena ID:St3nly
    Captain IGN: DeathNoteXII
    Captain UID:72529283

    Member1 Garena ID:dhiie2904
    Member1 IGN:INASundanese
    Member1 UID:129680673

    Member2 Garena ID:erhansajah
    Member2 IGN:GarfieldCN
    Member2 UID:69025529

    Member3 Garena ID:ujangsoleh
    Member3 IGN:`ujangsoleh`
    Member3 UID:112708283

    Member4 Garena ID:rrobbie
    Member4 IGN:rrobbie
    Member4 UID:69082458

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID:vanzdirzonsx
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN:H205T
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:101104749

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name:Ganteng-Ganteng Si Fahmi
    Contact Person :uji(089685770479)

    Captain Garena ID: temulaq88
    Captain IGN: Temulaq8
    Captain UID:

    Member1 Garena ID: wrazat4
    Member1 IGN: Relicilegion
    Member1 UID:

    Member2 Garena ID: pebbles20
    Member2 IGN: oliversykees
    Member2 UID:

    Member3 Garena ID: delahomor
    Member3 IGN: na0x
    Member3 UID:

    Member4 Garena ID: nursyahc
    Member4 IGN: OHOHHOHHH
    Member4 UID: 152735401

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID: asepjuntai
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN: dadang_dulag
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Team Name: Kill0nSight
    Contact Person : 082245190800

    Captain Garena ID: pratamadidit
    Captain IGN: KOS_JinXPrPK
    Captain UID: 112025158

    Member1 Garena ID: rendicool14
    Member1 IGN: KOS_RazerPK
    Member1 UID: 111190965

    Member2 Garena ID: ErenGremory
    Member2 IGN: KOS_ErenPK
    Member2 UID: 112245132

    Member3 Garena ID: pentilireng
    Member3 IGN: KOS_Xhamster
    Member3 UID: 155681631

    Member4 Garena ID: gembel1245
    Member4 IGN: KOS_Mbalelo
    Member4 UID: 140083987

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID: Andries05
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN: KOS_GembukPK
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID: 113197286

    *IGN = In Game Name = ID Garena HoN

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Quote Originally Posted by kurita View Post
    Team Name:Kuhaku
    Contact Person :081229982333

    Captain Garena ID:Kurita
    Captain IGN:Bocchan`
    Captain UID:65066656

    Member1 Garena ID:ElmagnificoJR
    Member1 IGN:xQuesit
    Member1 UID:65030966

    Member2 Garena ID: DN_8
    Member2 IGN: DN_8
    Member2 UID:76466872

    Member3 Garena ID:hildagarde97
    Member3 IGN:Hildagarde`
    Member3 UID:

    Member4 Garena ID:hazeo2000
    Member4 IGN:StrepsilsZ
    Member4 UID:99409956

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID:elogis20
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN:ReinKen
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:

    *Noted & Confirmed
    Saya dari xQuesit team Kuhaku, memberitahu bahwa saya melakukan change nickname
    dari xQuesit menjadi LmtlessLife`

    *Tolong member tim yang diganti diubah jadi apa?
    Sesuai dengan format ini:

    Member1 Garena ID:ElmagnificoJR
    Member1 IGN:xQuesit
    Member1 UID:65030966
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    Member4 Garena ID: cumicumi4
    Member4 IGN: RendyPerdana
    Member4 UID: 71065098

    GM , mau mengkonfirmasi kalau member dari team No OxyGen yg bernama di atas telah berganti nick menjadi : lokomataa . thx

    *Format nya jadi bagaimana?

    Member4 Garena ID: cumicumi4
    Member4 IGN: lokomataa
    Member4 UID: 71065098
    Begitukah?Tidak ada yg berubah selain IGN?
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    Team Name: BNAL ( Bimbingan Spritual )
    Contact Person : 081396246523

    Captain Garena ID:ahuramaxda
    Captain IGN:maxjimmy
    Captain UID:112409478

    Member1 Garena ID:sea_world
    Member1 IGN:word_sea
    Member1 UID:141396195

    Member2 Garena ID:mekal91
    Member2 IGN:_Dont_Speak_
    Member2 UID:120023648

    Member3 Garena ID:joko92_cool
    Member3 IGN:_Ciller_
    Member3 UID:117646780

    Member4 Garena ID:juliette_girl
    Member4 IGN:sailormoon_0
    Member4 UID:112747288

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID:kodok_sempak
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN:kodok_zemfuc
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:142348285

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Double Tap
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    Team Name: Ming`Uto
    Contact Person : 083897903090

    Captain Garena ID: gretozzz
    Captain IGN: PrawanTheKil
    Captain UID: 66912618

    Member1 Garena ID: mickieajha
    Member1 IGN: TroopsCats
    Member1 UID:

    Member2 Garena ID: miowajha
    Member2 IGN: Troopsfish
    Member2 UID:

    Member3 Garena ID: mam3t
    Member3 IGN:TroopsKiller
    Member3 UID:

    Member4 Garena ID: uzerez
    Member4 IGN: uzerez
    Member4 UID:

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID: gretozzz1
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN: kutilkutilan
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    West Java


    Team Name: Alien Salute
    Contact Person : 08997904825

    Captain Garena ID: zombiekini
    Captain IGN: zombiekini
    Captain UID:66068287

    Member1 Garena ID:radio_surodo
    Member1 IGN:ScRaMbLe_jr
    Member1 UID:64842336

    Member2 Garena ID:PrinceAldo
    Member2 IGN:PrinceJunioR
    Member2 UID:62088426

    Member3 Garena ID:zetmax
    Member3 IGN: zetmax
    Member3 UID:66993228

    Member4 Garena ID: haimonk02
    Member4 IGN: ``````````M`
    Member4 UID:71610916

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID:sua12
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN: Gradation
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:

    *Noted & Confirmed
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    Default Ihsl

    Team Name:Yaelah Lu Setun Napa !
    Contact Person :089673175992

    Captain Garena ID:thelasthit5
    Captain IGN:NightRaven`
    Captain UID:

    Member1 Garena ID:alkaffzaki
    Member1 IGN:Zakialkaff
    Member1 UID:

    Member2 Garena ID:
    Member2 IGN:BauBadak
    Member2 UID:63322456

    Member3 Garena ID:
    Member3 IGN:BuluPantat
    Member3 UID:65304730

    Member4 Garena ID:
    Member4 IGN:GoingAnyer
    Member4 UID:65256852

    Reserve Member (Cadangan) Garena ID:
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) IGN:prosper
    Reserve Member (Cadangan) UID:63322350

    *Noted & Confirmed
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